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Unlock Your Childcare Business Potential

Childcare Business Coaching with Tara Kochanskyj

Meet Tara

Childcare Leadership Expert & Educator

Unlock your childcare business potential with Tara Kochanskyj. As a childcare leadership expert and educator, Tara specializes in childcare leadership and multi-center ownership. She helps childcare business owners to unlock the potential beyond traditions and build a successful business with a modern outlook. Tara has years of experience and a proven track record of success. She is passionate about helping childcare business owners to grow their business and achieve their goals. Her approach is personalized and tailored to the unique needs of each client.


What I Specialize In

Leadership Coaching

Multi-Center Ownership Coaching

Unlocking Potential Beyond Traditions

Building a Successful Modern Childcare Business

Tailored Business Coaching Solutions

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Unlock your childcare business potential today. Book a consultation with Tara Kochanskyj, a childcare leadership expert & educator.

"On Facebook, I discovered Tara, a remote childcare center owner residing in sunny Florida, and her story was an instant inspiration to me. I had never realized the possibility of running a childcare center remotely. Living in Michigan, I’ve always dreamed of the warm Sunshine State, so I wasted no time in reaching out to her. Tara exudes a profound understanding and passion for Early Childhood Education, generously sharing her wealth of knowledge. Her commitment to our coaching sessions, always ready to challenge and guide, is truly commendable. She promptly provides valuable resources from her own centers to aid my progress. Working with Tara has been transformative, not just for my childcare center but for my own personal growth. Her wisdom on hiring based on character has left a lasting impression. Tara embodies the qualities of an outstanding human being and an exceptional coach. Thanks to her inspiring example and guidance, it took me just eight months to become a remote childcare center owner myself. it’s a decision I’m immensely grateful for and I owe it all to Tara’s support and mentorship."

- Angela Leslie - Totally Awesome Childcare & Preschool

My teaching journey began at one of Tara’s centers where I had the opportunity to be a floater. It didn’t take long for me to become captivated by the center’s ideologies and decide I wanted to pursue a career in teaching. Tara played a pivotal role in my development, providing me with monthly coaching calls, guidance and necessary tools to advance my career. Thanks to her dedication to my ambitions, I was able to obtain my infant & toddler CDA, preschool CDA and my associates degree. Most recently Tara encouraged me to create a social media account dedicated to teaching, which has blossomed into a thriving platform with more than 10k followers. Tara’s coaching and support has been invaluable, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities she has given me and the drive she has instilled within me.

- Jayda Rivera - Reggio Roots

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